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IT Locus Charting is an advanced charting application for graphical analysis of financial and stock market.

It supports any number of windows with an arbitrary number of charts of stocks, futures, mutual funds or indices in each of them.

The list of technical indicators includes moving averages, relative strength index, MACD and others.

The charts may be saved and printed, and the historical stock quotes may be exported for independent analysis. IT Locus Charting works with end of day (EOD) data and with realtime and historical data from commercial providers.


IT Locus Charting is a good solution for graphical representation of stock and futures portfolios and for downloading historical data from free sources( Of course, commercial real-time data feed from is supported as well. Being very user-friendly, IT Locus Charting is ideal for beginners, while its flexibility and constant addition of new functionality makes it a motivated choice for investors and experienced traders.

   Quote Loader
IT Locus Quote Loader is a software program that allows a customer to receive financial data and to accumulate for further analysis in the format accessible to the analytical applications.

IT Locus QuoteLoader software provides a universal interface to the main suppliers of stock quotes.

An application for collecting and distributing financial data from different sources. The data can be saved in various formats (ASCII, xls, TradeStation, MetaStock et. al.).
  Read more about IT Locus Quote LoaderDOWNLOAD FREE QUOTE LOADER DEMO NOW!   (~3 Mb)

1) Several data sources
2) No limits on volume of data
3) Price politics
4) SDK for application developers
5) Data can be saved in user defined formats
6) Data export in databases
7) Cascading of Quote Loader
8) Different OS (Windows, Unix, Linux, MacOS) compatibility.

   Indicator Builder
Use IT Locus Indicator builder to create your own technical indicators using Python scripting language.

IT Locus Indicator Builder is designed for easy creation of traders' own indicators using one of the most powerful scripting languages existing - Python. Even if you are new to programming, its beauty and simplicity will make creating new indicators a pleasant and enriching experience. We recommend all users of IT Locus Indicator Builder to visit the official website for the Python language.

To see how the Indicator Builder works just launch it and open one of the XML files located in the Studies folder of IT Locus Charting.
  Read More about IT Locus Indicator BuilderDOWNLOAD FULL FREE VERSION OF INDICATOR BUILDER NOW!   (~2,7 Mb)

The Indicator Builder will display the script for the indicator in the editor window. Alternatively, one may start a new file, enter the Python code in the editor field and save the file under desired name. The Indicator Builder will create an additional XML file for your indicator and save it, together with the Python code, in the chosen folder. In order for IT Locus Charting to see the new indicator, one must place these files in the Studies subfolder of the folder where the IT Locus Charting was installed.

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    Quote Loader
Quote Loader. Evaluation version.
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